joi, 25 februarie 2010

Love letter

As beautiful as you always were you never looked so sexy , (as this morning )
As warm as you always felt you never been so strong , (as today)
As elegantly as you always moved you never spoked so sweet , (as right now)
As lovely as your smile has ever been you never laughed so much (as tonight)
And I love you and I trust you .
You never stoped to think at the truth of my sayings ,
You always saw and hoped and never maked the leap

But that was then and now is now . Now I promise you

You’ll never wake up in the morning feeling lost or alone

You’ll never break any commitment that you make , As you are

Fearless on your steps and gracious on your moves

Free as a bird in the sky and owner of the land you walk on

The woman of tommorow and the spirit of the moment

The future that I treasure and the joy of today

And I love you and I trust you :

Diamond friend

Kind sister

Proud daughter

Beloved mother ,

Beautiful and sweet wife

Generous human being ,

Successful woman !

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being,